Why You Should Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

Why You Should Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

Crawl spaces not only house all of your wiring and plumbing systems, but they also provide insulation for the rest of your house. Crawl spaces are also notorious for being breeding grounds for all sorts of pests, as they are dark, cool, moist places that offer protection from the outside world. Moisture will also collect in crawl spaces and could lead to mold growth, which can make you sick and damage your home.

Crawl space encapsulation is an easy way to prevent this from occurring by keeping the crawlspace warm and dry with no cracks for pests to enter through. Crawl space encapsulation also prevents mold growth and moisture from seeping into your crawl space.

If you don’t have crawl space encapsulation done right, it can lead to the same problems mentioned above. This blog post will discuss the benefits of crawl space encapsulation and why you must not ignore it.

Encapsulation Improves Air Quality

Crawl space encapsulation improves both crawlspace ventilation and crawlspace insulation. If the crawl space is ventilated correctly, this will lead to increased home energy efficiency. It is a crucial step to keep crawl spaces free of moisture and improve indoor air quality.

Encapsulation Prevents Mold or Mildew Growth

Mold spores are everywhere, but when crawl spaces are poorly ventilated, the mold can increase up to three times normal amount. With crawl space encapsulation, crawl spaces are sealed from the outside environment so that moisture cannot seep in and lead to mold or mildew growth. Proper encapsulation entails dehumidifier installation to reduce humidity levels, eliminating any potential for mold growth.

Furthermore, if you don’t seal off your crawl space properly with encapsulation, it can collect and circulate mold spores or other hazardous airborne particles through your home’s HVAC system.

Encapsulation Ensures a Comfortable Temperature

Crawl space encapsulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. Crawl spaces with high HVAC usage can become uncomfortably hot during the summer months, but crawl spaces sealed from the outdoors are insulated and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Encapsulation Eliminates Pest Infestation

Crawl space encapsulation seals your crawl space and vents to eliminate pest infestation and create healthier living conditions for you. An unencapsulated crawl space can become a home for many harmful creatures, including rodents and insects, so ensuring it is properly sealed will help keep these pests at bay.

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