Crawl Space Restoration

Crawl space restoration projects can be an amalgamation of multiple different cleaning and restoration methods depending on your needs and the condition of your crawl space. Thus, the first step in crawl space restoration is inspection. We carry out a detailed inspection of your crawl space to identify all issues and damages.

We carry out thorough cleaning, debris removal, disinfecting, decontamination, and sanitization of the entire crawl space. We will carry out rodent exclusion and trapping and removal of rodent feces. We will seal all entry points and install or replace insulation. Furthermore, if there is high humidity in your crawl space, we will install or replace vapor barriers and dehumidifiers or carry out a full crawl space encapsulation. Another step we might have to perform is mold removal.

Restoring your crawl space is a challenging task, and if proper methods, tools, and equipment are not used, it can lead to further damage, which means greater repair and replacement costs. Thus, you need professional help.