Why Hair-Triggered Drain Clogs Are A Plumber’s Nightmare

Why Hair-Triggered Drain Clogs Are A Plumber’s Nightmare

Have you ever gone to take a shower and noticed that the water wouldn’t drain? Or maybe your bathtub has been backing up for weeks on end? If so, you’ve officially experienced one of the most common – and frustrating – plumbing problems in existence: hair-triggered drain clogs. Believe it or not, this issue plagues homeowners all across the country, and it can be a real pain to fix.

In this blog post, Aqua-Dry Restoration Co. will list down some of the reasons why hair-triggered drain clogs are such a nightmare for plumbers, as well as provide some helpful tips on how to avoid them altogether.

What Plumbing Problems Do Clogged Hair Cause?

When hair accumulates in a drain, it can form a clot that blocks water flow. This is particularly problematic in a sink or bathtub, as the water can back up and cause flooding.

What Causes Hair to Clog Drains? – Several factors can contribute to hair-triggered drain clogs, including:

  • The use of harsh chemicals in hair products can damage hair and make it more likely to clog drains
  • Washing or clearing excessive hair tufts down the drain at once can also lead to plumbing problems.
  • The roots at the end of a sewer line can also trap hair, leading to clogs

How Can I Prevent Hair from Clogging Drains?

A few steps can help prevent hair from clogging your drains, including:

  • Use a drain catcher or strainer in your sink and tub drains to catch hair before it clogs the drain.
  • Pour a cup of white vinegar down your drain once a week to dissolve any built-up hair and grease.
  • Suck up the water and hair after each shower using a wet/dry vacuum or bath
  • Cut your hair shorter (this will help keep it from clogging the drain)

How Can You Tell Hair is Clogging Your Drain?

Not every slow or clogged drain is a result of hair fall! That being said, if you are seeing signs that hair may be the culprit, such as a drainage backup or gurgling sound coming from your drain, it’s time to take some preventative steps.

You can also call professional drain experts to inspect your plumbing and fixtures. They will be able to tell you if the hair is the cause of your drainage problems and, if so, offer a solution.

Hair-triggered drain clogs are a plumber’s nightmare and can happen to anyone. That’s why it’s essential to take some preventative steps to avoid them in the first place. Aqua-Dry Restoration Co offers full-service mold remediation and water damage restoration services that can help you clean up the plumbing problems at your home in Aurora efficiently. Get a quote today, so you can be sure you’re prepared for anything life throws your way!