Where To Focus & What To Avoid – Managing Water Damage Until Aqua Dry Arrives

Where To Focus & What To Avoid – Managing Water Damage Until Aqua Dry Arrives

Water damage is one of the most common and potentially damaging types of property loss. When managing water damage at home, there are many things that you should focus on and many more that you should avoid. There is a lot to do when managing water damage, so it’s important not to miss any steps. If the correct steps aren’t taken until the professionals arrive, then your property can be irreversibly damaged.

This blog post will discuss what steps need to be taken and what needs to be avoided in managing water damage until Aqua Dry arrives.

What to Do?

Try to Turn Off the Water Supply

Shut down the water supply as soon as you can. Doing this will help stop any further damage. Turning off the main shut-off valve for your house is also essential because it will cut the flow of electricity if there’s an electrical leak in your home as well. This way, you can eliminate many potential risks and hazards.

Lift the Drapes

The next step is to lift any drapes, blinds, and curtains. If these items come into contact with water, it could leave a stain on the fabric, which will be very difficult, if not impossible, to remove later.

Pick Up Loose Items

Another step would be to pick up all loose items off of the floors. This includes dishes, glasses, small appliances like coffee makers and hair dryers, etc. These objects could get damaged if they sit in water or stay damp for too long after water damage has occurred.

Remove Rugs from Wet Floors

Remove rugs from wet floors as soon as possible. If rugs sit in water for too long, it could lead to mold growth and rot the rug’s backing, making it very difficult to clean later on, if not impossible.

What Not to Do?

Do Not Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Remove the Water

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the water because this can damage your machine. Also, vacuuming could push any dirt particles around, resulting in scratching hardwood floors or other surfaces where there is no carpeting.

Do Not Try to Remove the Carpet

Do not try to remove the carpet yourself. If you do so, it can cause more problems and result in additional damage because of punctures or cuts from pulling up the carpeting. Aqua Dry will take care of this for you when they arrive onsite at your home.

Do Not Use Any Electrical Appliances

Do not use any electrical appliances such as a washing machine to help with the water damage because this can cause electrocution. Aqua Dry will take care of managing your home’s water damage and all restoration needs.

The amount of water damage your home sustains depends on the duration and severity of the disaster, as well as the type of flooring you have and what other materials are affected. You should not move anything from a flooded area to avoid further damage until Aqua Dry Restoration in Golden, CO, has arrived to take care of the cleanup process. We provide free estimates for all types of water damage restoration and sewage cleanup services. Get in touch today!