The Game Is On! Deducing Water Damage In Your Home

The Game Is On! Deducing Water Damage In Your Home

Whether you are planning to buy a house, rent it, or intend to sell, an inspection for water damages is a must, so repairs can help avoid opportunity costs on returns in the long term. One of the damages is water-based. Leaky roofs, floods, storms, hail, or faulty plumbing; there are many reasons to keep winning the hide-and-seek championship against water seepage.

Agreed, water is the key to life and all, but you do not need the kind of ‘life’ a water leak can invite into your homes. Molds & mildew can trigger respiratory issues in otherwise healthy individuals, even worse for the immuno-compromised. Rotting wood and drywalls can structurally compromise homes and destabilize roofs, attics & crawl spaces. Not to mention the stench of something moist the dog dragged in!

There are ways to develop a good eye (and nose) to pick out potential water-damaged spots so you can schedule a damage restoration contractor.

  • First, verify the elevation of your property. Undoubtedly, Colorado sits at an average 6800Ft above sea level, but the water table is relative to soil depth. Having a property in a depression or a valley can raise the water table to your home’s foundations, damaging them. The leak can even show up in your basement around the toilet plumbing or the walls in general.
  • Check your roof gutters and the downspouts for any leaks that may be seeping into the sidings. Also, check the roof for missing shingles, and correlate with leaky spots in the attic to diagnose the leak.
  • Water stains show up fast in ceilings and walls. It’s best to keep blueprints of your property’s plumbing, know how to read them so you can pinpoint leaks at plumbing hotspots.
  • Sometimes you might suspect a leak but not find one, so when the noise has died down at night, put your ears to the walls and listen. If you’re a doctor, you can break out the stethoscope anytime!
  • Wooden floor panels give out first with leaks around sinks, water appliances, toilets, and bathroom tubs. There is a severe leak if you feel ‘squishy’ boards under your feet near these areas.
  • Water seepage can warp floor tiles, whether laminate or wooden. Always check under your carpets in less frequented room corners for soggy panels.
  • Never forget the under-sink cabinets for water seepage and mold. Cabinets are an ideal mold breeding territory, so call in the remediators if you spot odd clusters of fuzzy spots on the sides.
  • If you had any recent repairs done to your home that involved walls and plumbing, revisit those areas as the repair may be hiding a leak; with concrete walls, mildew forms in leaky spots.
  • Inspect all water appliances for rusty spots as this may indicate a leak occurring for quite some time.
  • Lastly, if there seem to be no leaks, but there is that ‘wet stale socks’ scent permeating your household, then you have a significant mold infestation tucked away in a corner of your house.

If any of these checkups reveal a wet, warped, or moldy spot in your residence in Aurora, CO, then you best call Aqua Dry Restoration Co. to help you with the water damage. Drop by our website for a free estimate on our services for restoration, mold remediation, and cleanup projects.

Your local restoration experts will never let you down!