On The Hunt For Mold: 5 Breeding Spots In Your Home

On The Hunt For Mold: 5 Breeding Spots In Your Home

We all know that mold is a breeding ground for bacteria, but not everyone knows where these breeding grounds are. Mold grows on damp surfaces, so it is important to eliminate breeding spots by keeping things dry and clean. Mold is not always easy to spot. It can grow in hidden places like your carpet, behind your wallpaper, and even inside the walls of your house.

It is important to be able to identify mold breeding spots because, if left untreated, they can lead to serious health problems such as asthma or other respiratory issues.

This blog post will discuss ideal breeding spots for mold in your home.

1) Bathroom Walls

If you notice signs black or green spots on your bathroom walls, there could be mold growing in the grout. Mold loves moist walls, such as in bathrooms. Be sure to wipe down your bathroom every week with bleach and water solution to keep the mold at bay.

2) Floor Mats

Mold loves to grow on floor mats and carpets. Try vacuuming your rug once a week because this is another moist environment that mold can take over with ease if given a chance.

Make sure to check both sides of your mat since sometimes there are breeding spots for mold behind them or even under them!

If you cannot keep the mats dry, then it is time to replace them. You should find some that are waterproof or at least water-resistant, so mold will have a harder time growing on them.

3) Behind Wallpaper

Wallpaper can act as a breeding spot for mold, and it will grow if water leaks through or is left standing in one place for too long. If you have breeding spots for mold behind wallpaper, it’s important to remove the wallpaper immediately. You should also be sure that all of your walls are well cleaned before putting new paper up since this will help prevent future breeding in any remaining cracks or crevices.

4) Your Windows

Windows should also be inspected for mold growth. Two main areas need to be checked: outside and inside the window frame. If you have any cracks or gaps around your windows, this is an area where water can leak through and remain standing for extended periods, leading to mold growth.

Any of these areas need to be repaired right away so that you don’t run the chance of having mold spores find their way inside of your window frame and grow.

5) Your Carpets

Carpets are another breeding ground for mold. If you have carpet, especially in your bedroom or living room with a higher rate of humidity and moisture, it should be deep cleaned every six months to avoid any problems with mold growth.

Keeping Your Home Healthy

If you notice that there are black or green spots growing on the walls of your home, then it’s time have your home inspected for mold. If you notice these spots growing on any surface and they don’t go away after cleaning them with a cleaner, let Aqua Dry Restoration Co. in Aurora come and take a look. Our experts have experience in mold remediationwater damage restoration, and more. Let our experts help you get rid of the mold from your home today. We provide free quotes!