How To Protect Your Home From Winter Mold Growth

How To Protect Your Home From Winter Mold Growth

Winter has finally arrived, and if you’re like most people, you’re probably preparing for the winter months by turning up the radiator and buying a new coat. But there’s one thing that many homeowners forget about during this time of year: mold prevention.

Mold can be a considerable problem in cold climates because it thrives in warm places with humid air. If your home is constantly damp, it could be contaminated with mold spores. This could lead to all kinds of respiratory problems!

Aqua Dry Restoration Co. will provide some tips on protecting your home in Denver, CO, from mold infestation in this blog post. You’ll be rid of them the whole winter season!

No. 1: Close off Entries

One of the best ways to prevent mold from entering your home is to close off all entrances and exits. This means closing doors and windows, especially during wet or humid weather. If you own a fireplace, make sure to close the flue when it’s not in use.

By limiting the amount of airflow in and out of your home, you’ll prevent mold spores from entering and growing. However, make sure to ventilate the house regularly by opening windows and doors now and then.

No. 2: Keep Humidity at Bay

Another technique to combat mold growth is keeping the humidity levels in your home down. When it comes to winter, you can control humidity with a dehumidifier.

Humid air allows mold spores to thrive, so keep the humidity levels below 50%. In addition, an environment that’s too dry can also lead to health problems, so it’s crucial to find the right balance.

If you’re not able to keep the humidity levels down with a dehumidifier, consider using a moisture barrier like house wrap. A house wrap will prevent moisture from coming into the home, and this will help keep mold spores out.

No. 3: Keep It Clean

A common cause for mold growth is a dirty environment. Make sure to keep your home clean and free of clutter. This will lower the chances of mold growth and make it easier to clean up any accidental spills or leaks.

In addition, make sure to clean your ventilation systems regularly. Dust and dirt can accumulate in these systems over time, leading to mold growth. If you notice that your ventilation systems are dirty, have someone look at them to clean out any debris or dirt that may be present.

No. 4: Refrigerate at Your Own Risk

Along with ensuring the rest of your house is clean, take a peek at your refrigerator coils to ensure they are clean and free of any mold. If the coils have a lot of dirt or dust, this can lead to mold growth in your refrigerator.

Make it a habit to empty the fridge compartment every time you open it up for use. Then wipe down the insides with a damp cloth before putting everything back inside.

This step will keep your food fresh and safe and help prevent the growth of any mold in your fridge.


Those were a few practical, easy-to-follow steps to preventing winter mold growth in your home.

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