Clueless Crew: 10 Things Your Plumbing Crew Should Know Before Dealing With Sewage Backup!

Clueless Crew: 10 Things Your Plumbing Crew Should Know Before Dealing With Sewage Backup!

Sewage backups are caused by poorly maintained sewage pipes and their tendency to clog. It’s the plumbing equivalent of a heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure, all at once! It is essential to understand that situations as gross as sewage backup need to be technically contained from occurring in your homes through a great plumbing crew.

The world abounds in slackers and scammers; hence, applying the same notion to a plumbing contractor may save you on a costly job. The average homeowner’s experience in plumbing includes plungers, brushes, changing the O-ring, or a handy wrench to tighten the pipe clamp. Sewage backups are another level of a horror story when you hire a crew that is about to scam you.

Here are a few things that our expert crew at Aqua Dry Restoration deem the indicators of a team that actually knows their job:

  1. An experienced plumbing crew will immediately call for electrical shutdown if a backup has occurred in the basement and electrical appliances and outlets are submerged. They will have the area evacuated of people and pets and open the windows to allow ventilation and dangerous waste gases to escape.
  2. Scammers will not inform you about any insurance coverage or their license. They will gloss over details and make a bigger mess of your plumbing while trying to dislodge the stuck debris. If you have strong gut feelings that something is not right, best to gently ask them to get out or call the local authorities.
  3. A legitimate crew wears insulating overalls and breathing masks to protect against the contaminated water and fumes. A tremendous disinfecting tip is that they add bleach to the backed-up sewage water.
  4. Inexperienced crews won’t understand that the main water line needs to be shut off before starting repairs. Nor do they refrain from using the bathroom utilities in the non-affected areas. A property with a sewage backup on any floor is required to stop their main water lines and inform their insurance companies if they have sewage and drain insurance.
  5. Expert crews will call you to the side after the disgusting ordeal is over and give you a stern speech about not pouring grease down the drains, not flushing items that can get stuck in the pipes, and not ignoring leaks or changes in water pressure.
  6. A scam crew will manage to dislodge the clog, then add unnecessary repairs to the gaskets and sealants, and might talk you into a renovation or remodel. It would be best if you disagreed unless you have their proper credentials. What’s to say your bathroom fixtures develop leaks in a few days after the ‘repairs.’
  7. Trained plumbing crews do not fumble with their equipment and know exactly how to use their tools without causing extra damages. Scamming teams look clumsy at first sight and will often carry outdated tools and a lack of protective clothing.
  8. Proper plumbing contractors will evaluate the entire property to ensure if the backup is localized to one bathroom or affecting the whole plumbing system. The weather conditions will also indicate if the repairs can be done without further flooding or rain warnings.
  9. Experienced plumbing crews will always inquire about the history of the building, information on materials used, and the original plumbing contractors to ensure whether the rest of the property warrants a maintenance checkup or not.
  10. Scammers will not even bother to be gentle when unclogging old plumbing systems that used ceramic and iron. One sewage disaster could lead to another, and they will rack up the cost of a massive repair with no lien wavering if you’re not wary.

Suppose you feel a plumbing crew is being ‘off’, report them to the authorities and have them vacate your premises immediately. Plumbing crews with excellent work ethic are hard to find, which is why at Aqua Dry Restoration, much care is taken to be as legitimate and transparent as possible with our free estimates, and services. We are active in Denver, CO, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!