4 Causes Of Water Damage In Commercial & Office Spaces

4 Causes Of Water Damage In Commercial & Office Spaces

Commercial water damage can be a tricky beast to tackle. Still, we can better protect our office spaces from its damaging effects by understanding its origins. Unlike residential water damage, which is often caused by faulty plumbing or natural disasters, commercial water damage is often the result of user error or negligence. In this post, Aqua Dry Restoration Co. will look at some of the most common causes of commercial water damage. And outline steps you can take to prevent it from happening in your office.

Broken or Damaged Pipes

Commercial buildings often include miles of pipeline to supply water for toilets, sinks, and other common areas throughout the building. Commercial buildings may also have extensive underground piping to supply ice melt in the wintertime or provide potable (drinking) water to tenants or employees. Broken piping at any point will result in leaks which can cause severe water damage if not repaired immediately.

Commercial property managers should notice unusual noises when walking through their building, particularly in low-usage areas like stairwells or restrooms. No one will be present during regular work hours. Suppose there are unexplained high volumes of noise coming from a part of the building that is usually quiet. In that case, there may be water damage that has stained ceilings or walls, warped wood floors or cause mold growth.

Leaking Sprinkler Systems

When there is a fire, the idea behind sprinklers is to put it out before firefighters arrive. Water damage to your business will happen if the sprinkler system malfunctions and sprays over flammable items or directly onto electrical appliances.

If you have an open flame near something that has been sprayed, you will have an even bigger problem on your hands. Water damage can result from broken pipes in the walls, too, so be sure to check for damp spots along the baseboard of any room.

Damaged HVAC System

Another major cause of water damage in commercial spaces is a damaged HVAC system. HVAC systems keep office or commercial buildings at a consistent temperature to ensure people are comfortable and that the equipment doesn’t overheat. Commercial-grade heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems must withstand constant use and whatever weather conditions might take place outside.

Commercial building owners should maintain their HVAC system annually by having it inspected by a trained technician to look for any defects or damages that may need attention.

Damaged Roof

Commercial water damage can also arise from a damaged roof. When it rains, rainwater flows into the gaps in your roof and then seeps into the building. That’s why you need to get rid of any cracks or broken pieces on your roof as soon as possible to prevent this type of water damage. Commercial water damage is something you should never ignore. Even if it seems small at first, the damages will only worsen and cost more to repair in the future.

The Ending Note

So, whether it’s a busted pipe or an overflowing sink, here are four of the most common sources of water damage in commercial and office spaces. Of course, Aqua Dry Restoration is always here to help. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you find yourself dealing with any water issue in Denver, CO. And remember, prevention is the key. So be sure to connect with us for tips on keeping your property safe from water damage. Get a free estimate.